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Your Story

is our story...

A creative spark with meaningful heart

Sometimes things just fall into place in ways we would never have expected.

In 2020 I fell in love with personalised bracelets BUT after months of searching high and low I just could not find anything like them on Australian soil.

I wanted to support a local Australian made business but there was none to be found that used high quality materials that would last. 

Jewellery that shares Your Story

Michelle, owner of Your Story Collective

I wanted something that could be:

  • Worn all the time,

  • A custom reminder of what matters to me, and

  • Made in Australia, supporting a small business.

It turns out, I didn't need to look past my own front door.

After mastering the skills and sourcing only the best quality materials, I launched my business at the end of 2020, under a name that was an ode to my children.

But very quickly the mission of my business became very clear and our original quirky name did not match the quality of handmade pieces we were creating.

Our pieces are inspired by YOU and Your Story. Regardless of the hand threaded name, word, initials or design you choose, you wear my creations with Your Story deeply engrained within them.

Our small handmade business was rebranded and renamed and Your Story Collective was born.

Your Story Collective creates reminders of what matters most

Whether it's an impactful word, the names of your loved ones, or a beautiful accessory to remind you of your worth, Your Story Collective is here to help you live a life of purpose, as you wear Your Story.

We want our bracelets to feel...

As exciting as

Your Story Collective Passion Icon

a dream come true

As warm as

Your Story Collective Care Icon

an overdue catch up with your bestie

As impactful

Your Story Collective Joy Icon

as a child's joyful laughter

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